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Buy Low, Sell High

Tactical Asset Allocation is an active strategy that seeks to shift the percentage of invested dollars between the asset classes (stocks, bonds, etc.) to increase returns and lower risk.

According to landmark research by legendary investor Gary Brinson, your asset allocation determines over 90% of your return variability.

We focus on optimizing asset allocations to minimize risk and maximize returns rather than trying to pick the next 'hot stock'.

Our unique strategy is designed to determine:

  • Equities or Fixed Income: Which of these two asset classes is likely to produce the best rate of return in the near term?
  • Buying High: Are markets expensive in historical terms? Is it the best time to buy?
  • Stay local or shop abroad: Should we enter international markets or stay closer to home?
  • Long-term bonds, Short-term, or Cash: Within fixed income, do we expect interest rates to rise? If so, how can we protect ourselves?

The Best of all Worlds

As independents advisors, we are free to source the best products available. From Big Banks to Boutique Specialty Shops, our solutions encompasse the best of all worlds.

We use  available investment products to create your personalized portfolio, including:

  • Stocks (Equities)

  • Mutual Funds
  • Bonds (Fixed Income)
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Pooled Funds*
    *Pending regulatory approval
  • Hedge Funds
  • Option Strategy Products
  • Alternative Strategies
  • Commodities (Gold, Oil, Etc.)
  • Infrastructure & Real Estate

A portfolio of financial products is key to keeping fees low and maximizing diversification.

Transparency & Fees

Financial Advisors receive compensation in one of two ways: commission or fee-based (non-discretionary or discretionary)

At Innova, we operate on an on-going management fee basis which motivates advisors to focus on their existing clients' needs, rather than on finding new clients, which has led to our near perfect retention rate. We specifically eliminated offering/recommending (or similar) deferred service charge (DSC) structured products funds that pay the advisor a commission in exchange for locking-in a client’s dollars for several years. Instead, we operate on a transparent fee-for-service platform where fees are visible, easy-to-understand, and below market price. Some of these fees may also be tax-deductible, optimizing your holistic financial plan.

Aligned with your best interests!

  • If your money grows, so does our compensation.
  • If your money decreases, so does our compensation.

Focused on optimizing long-term performance!

  • No overhead, resulting in reduced fees for you.
  • No 'pressure' on Innova of ACPI Advisors to generate commissions on your account.

*All trades are solicited with both of our best interests at heart: Growing your dollars!