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Transparent & Aligned Compensation

For too long, the investment industry has kept its compensation system in the shadows, confusing investors with complex fees, hidden behind cryptic acronyms. At Innova Wealth Management of ACPI, we work hard to ensure that every client dollar is getting maximum value and so we are not afraid to show you our compensation - right on your statement!

This commitment to transparency helps you better understand our financial incentives.

In most cases, our compensation is structured as a percentage of the investments you have under our stewardship.  So the more your money grows, the more our compensation grows.  By aligning our interests with your own, you can rest assured knowing that our recommendations for your account are made with best intentions.

Due to our independent nature and the lack of overhead that goes along with that, we strive to keep fees at, or very often, below those of our competitors.  We invite you to contact us to discuss our compensation system and allow us to prepare a comprehensive comparison for you that will detail the exact amount you are currently paying, and how much you would pay, both in dollars and in percentage terms, as our valued clients.